Application Notes


Analog Deck

- Analog Deck DMM - Details of Operation - This document describes the use cases and details of operation for the Analog Deck DMM. Reading this document is recommended prior to using the Analog Deck DMM.

Analog Deck Demo Board

- Analog Deck Demo Board - Usage Guide - Walks users through usage of the Analog Deck Demo Board.
- Analog Deck Demo Board - Demo Python Files - Contains example Python scripts that run using the Analog Deck Demo Board to demonstrate basic features and/or provide easy-to-modify sample code to accelerate project development.
- Analog Deck Demo Board - Schematic - Schematic of the assembly for reference.

Thermocouple Reader

- Thermocouple Reader - Getting Started Guide - Sets up the Thermocouple Readers and provides an easy setup for realtime graphing of all Thermocouple Reader temperatures.
- Thermocouple Reader - Graphing Example Files - Contains the files required for the realtime graphing of all Thermocouple Reader temperatures.

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