Subinitial Python Library

The following documentation is the published specification for the Subinitial Stacks API.

Version Control
The library is available via git repository, all version releases are tied to a git commit via git tag (e.g. “v1.4.0”). Starting with v1.4.0 this library uses Semantic Versioning : MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH for release control.
Python Requirements
Python 2.7 - 3.6+ are supported and all share one common API, Documentation, and Example Code. Please email for comments or questions.

Backwards Compatilibity

Option A)
  • Wrap your project in a virtualenv
  • pip install any libraries at the version the project requires
  • the command shown below installs version v1.13.0
pip3 install git+

Option B)

Distribute a specific version of the library directly with your Python code by using the command below. The command below creates the subinitial-stacks package from the git tag v1.13.0 in the directory “.” which is the current working directory (CWD)

pip3 install git+ --target="."

Use this method “freeze” a project in time with a particular release of this library.

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