Analog Deck

The Analog Deck is the hub for measurement and sensing. It has a myriad of features that are designed for working with precision analog measurement. When connected to the Core, the Analog Deck is a seamless expansion of the Core’s functionality. Just like the Core, it can be controlled using Python or Modbus TCP.

The Analog Deck provides 6 digit DVM functionality on 7 isolated channels of measurement up to ±250V, as well as a ±500mA floating current measurement. The 24-bit ADC circuitry is temperature-controlled for maximum stability. Isolation and measurement switching among channels is achieved in near 1ms using a high speed solid-state mux. The Analog Deck has a Source/Meter and Negative Power DAC that can be used to sweep a DUT (Device Under Test) input voltage during test. It provides a precision 5.00V reference as well as a 16-bit 1MSPS arbitrary waveform generator to create any necessary stimulus. It also has some general-purpose 3.3V and 5V digital I/O, isolated inputs, relays, and solenoid drivers.

A full bodied hard anodized aluminum enclosure provides physical protection for the Analog Deck. Electrically, the Analog Deck I/O are designed with industry-standard protection.

The user controlled features of the Analog Deck are listed below and in the Features Matrix.

Analog Deck: Feature Matrix

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