Our Test Platform

Subinitial primarily designs tests based in Python 3.5+. This popular, open-source, license-free language allows for comprehensive test control and absolute flexibility.

Python's Benefits

Using Python as the basis for automated test has a number of advantages.

License-Free No costly licenses required, can be developed and deployed on any number of computers with no costs
Open-Source You can read it, you can understand it, you can even fix it
Platform-Independent Compatible with nearly all present and future versions of Windows, Linux, MacOS, etc
Genuine Python is genuine design tool for engineers and scientists globally
Popular Common language mastered by many software developers and taught in schools
Readable Whitespace is import to Python; this ensures more consistency of code-style and improves code readability across projects
Tooling Leverage existing tools, source control, debuggers, text-editors, IDE’s
Extensive Library Extensive standard library and community driven libraries available
Control Tune between performance and abstraction when necessary

Other Programming Languages & Environments

If existing test-code or test programs exist for a particular DUT, that usually is not a problem. We can find a way to interoperate between languages or binaries.

In rare cases where maximum performance is required then subsections of test-code can be written in another language like C/C++.

We can also interface between fully different platforms via virtual machines that host strictly controlled operating system environments. This would help in the event your DUT requires software only compatible with Windows XP, or if you want to ensure your test fixture's Windows environment can't update in the background and restart without your permission.