Thermocouple Reader

The Subinitial Thermocouple Reader allows for easy multi-channel thermocouple readings. Electrically isolated channels prevent hard-to-diagnose issues such as ground loops, ground offsets, and errors or damage due to excessive common mode voltages at thermocouple locations, which can occur with non-isolated setups.

Measurements are displayed in a continuous graph on a self-hosted website, accessible via mobile or desktop browsers. The Thermocouple Reader can be used exclusively using a web browser with no software installation, or can be controlled entirely by Python from a host computer via USB or Ethernet.

All 8 channels may be sampled simultaneously for coordinated measurements and increased acquisition speed, and each channel has built-in open detection to identify broken or missing thermocouples. Each channel has independent cold junction compensation (CJC) to improve accuracy.

A full-bodied anodized aluminum enclosure provides physical protection for the Thermocouple Reader, and mounting holes assist in field deployment.



Python Use Case Examples