Thermocouple Reader

The Subinitial Thermocouple Reader is a multi-type thermocouple reader with 8 independent and isolated channels and built-in cold junction compensation (CJC) per channel. All channels may be sampled simultaneously for coordinated measurements and increased acquisition speed, and each channel has built-in open detection to identify broken or missing thermocouples.

The Thermocouple Reader is controlled by Python from a host computer via Ethernet. Any number of Thermocouple Readers may be connected on the same network and controlled from the same computer.

A full bodied anodized aluminum enclosure provides physical protection for the Thermocouple Reader, and mounting holes assist in field deployment.

Electrically, each thermocouple input is isolated from all other channels, chassis, and input power to allow various common mode voltages on each channel. This simplifies thermocouple application on energized equipment & electrical components.



Python Use Case Examples