Analog Deck

NOTE: This is a legacy product.

The Analog Deck is not recommended for new design.

The Analog Deck is the hub for measurement and sensing. It has a myriad of features that are designed for working with precision analog measurement. When connected to the Core, the Analog Deck is a seamless expansion of the Core’s functionality. Just like the Core, it can be controlled using Python.

The Analog Deck provides 6 digit DVM functionality on 6 isolated channels of measurement up to ±250V, as well as a ±500mA floating current measurement. The 24-bit ADC circuitry is temperature-controlled for maximum stability. Isolation and measurement switching among channels is achieved in near 1ms using a high speed solid-state mux. The Analog Deck has a Source/Meter and Negative Power DAC that can be used to sweep a DUT (Device Under Test) input voltage during test. It provides a precision 5.00V reference as well as a 16-bit 1MSPS arbitrary waveform generator to create any necessary stimulus. It also has some general-purpose 3.3V and 5V digital I/O, isolated inputs, relays, and solenoid drivers.

A full bodied hard anodized aluminum enclosure provides physical protection for the Analog Deck. Electrically, the Analog Deck I/O are designed with industry-standard protection.

Stacks Overview

  • Stacks Overview Presentation - A presentation providing an overview of Stacks and its role in automated test. This presentation is geared toward automated test, though it's just as well suited for design verification.
  • Stacks Connectivity Troubleshooting Guide - This document helps troubleshoot issues regarding network connectivity between Stacks and a host computer.
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Python Use Case Examples

Application Notes

  • Analog Deck DMM - Details of Operation - This document describes the use cases and details of operation for the Analog Deck DMM. Reading this document is recommended prior to using the Analog Deck DMM.

Analog Deck Demo Board