Digital Voltmeter

The Digital Voltmeter (DVM) is a precise voltage measurement tool with automatic ranging for measurements up to ±240 Volts. It features automatic offset calibration, variable sample rates, and continuous streaming digitization.

Measurements are displayed in a continuous graph on a self-hosted website, accessible via mobile or desktop browsers. The Thermocouple Reader can be used exclusively using a web browser with no software installation, or can be controlled entirely by Python from a host computer via USB or Ethernet.

A full-bodied anodized aluminum enclosure provides physical protection for the DVMs. Interfacing to the DVM is as simple as plugging in banana cables from your measurement source. A built-in flange with mounting holes assists in field deployment.

In order to take full advantage of the DVM's capabilities, consider using a Tracks to mux up to 16 differential sources to one DVM.