Tracks Accessory

Tracks is the flexible interface layer between your DUT (Device Under Test) and the test equipment. Its array of relays allows for flexible connectivity arrangements. Tracks is controlled by Python from a host computer via Ethernet. Any number of Tracks may be connected on the same network and controlled from the same computer.

Tracks is a matrix of 32 relays that can each be controlled independently. The relays may control signals or power, as all relays are rated for 200V and 1A. All inputs are galvanically isolated from each other as well as the control circuitry. This arrangement allows for easy signal/power multiplexing, yet allows for flexibility for more obscure applications.

Tracks is enclosed in an anodized aluminum enclosure with LED indication of each relay's status on the top. Tracks mounts via 0.1” pitch shrouded headers as a component on a PCB, or alternately attaches to a breakout board.