Tracks Accessory

Reed Tracks provides a flexible interface layer that can be used between test equipment and a Device Under Test (DUT). It allows the connection of any line to any other line through a large 32-relay multiplexer.

Relay status and control is available on a self-hosted website, accessible via mobile or desktop browsers. Reed Tracks can be used exclusively using a web browser with no software installation, or can be controlled entirely by Python from a host computer via Ethernet.

Reed Tracks is a matrix of SPST reed relays each with independent control. Both terminals of each SPST relay are accessible to allow for flexible setups (multi-pole). Relays are rated for 200V and 1A, and are galvanically isolated.

Reed Tracks is enclosed in a black anodized aluminum shell with LED indication of relay status on the top. Tracks mounts via 0.1” pitch pins as a component on a PCB, or alternately attaches to a breakout board.